Your question: How do I make a user inactive in Jira?

How do I inactive a user in Jira?

Go to Jira’s user management, find the user and turn off the “inactive” flag.

Why user is inactive in Jira?

It means that user are given access to jira but they have never logged in yet.

How do I change inactive user to active user in Jira?

Is the question is related to Jira? if so then find the inactive user and click on Username and then you can find the Edit Details from then you can Active the user.

How do I disable users in Atlassian?

To delete or disable a user:

  1. Choose. > User management.
  2. Search for a user or click Show all users.
  3. Select the user.
  4. Do either of the following: Choose Delete if the user hasn’t contributed any content. Choose Disable to deactivate a user account if the user has contributed content.

How do I delete an inactive user in Jira?

just switch to Administration > User Management. Select the user you like to delete. There is a menu hidden behind the “…”. There is the command “delete user”.

How do I see inactive users in Jira?

You can’t search for inactive users if using the basic search: But if you know the exact username, and you’re using the advanced search in Jira, this should work.

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How do I list active users in Jira?

Within the UI, you can get a listing of users by individually examining the groups that are assigned one or more of the above Global Permissions. If you are using Jira 4.3 and above, you can also use the following SQL query to return a single list of users that count towards the license.

How do I enable users in Jira?

How to Enable a User that has disabled user status on Jira Cloud?

  1. Click the icon in the bottom left corner that looks like a square of 9 dots.
  2. Select Site Administration.
  3. Find the user in question.
  4. Click “Grant Site Access”

How do I reactivate my Jira account?

Reactivate accounts

From your organization at, select Directory > Managed accounts. Select the user you want to reactivate. From the user’s account page, click Reactivate account.

What is User Management in Jira?

As a Jira administrator, you can manage users directly in Jira, or enable public signup so users can create their own accounts. You can refer to these pages for information on managing users across multiple projects and applications. … Give users access to different functions in Jira like project roles and applications.