Your question: How do I see recent changes in Jira?

How do I see recent activity in Jira?

Extending on this answer for 2019 and for Jira Cloud…

  1. Click on the Jira icon at the top left.
  2. Click on Dashboards. …
  3. Assuming the Default Dashboard hasn’t changed, there is an “Activity Stream” gadget on that dashboard. …
  4. This will show you work logs, issue transitions, comments, etc.

How do I track changes in Jira?

If you want to monitor Jira config changes, Audit log is the best place (Jira Settings > System > Audit Log). If you like to receive email for any changes done on Jira issues, you’ll have to add yourself in “Notification Scheme” for all events and for all Projects.

How do I view Jira logs?

How to access JIRA Server Logs

  1. Navigate to Setting ->System -> Troubleshooting and Support Tools tab.
  2. Go to the create support zip tab. For Server: Click on the create zip button and download the logs as shown in the below screenshot:

What does an issue change history include in Jira?

Issue change history includes: Deletion of a comment. Deletion of a worklog. Creation or deletion of an issue link.

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What is an activity in Jira?

An activity stream is a list of events, displayed to a user in an attractive and interactive interface. They are usually recent activities by the current user and other people using the same social site(s) or system(s). An example is the Activity Stream gadget used on JIRA dashboards.

How do I find my team in Jira?

Click People in your app switcher to access your people directory. When you arrive, you’ll see teams you’re a member of, and the people who have most recently collaborated on the same content as you.

How do I view page history in Confluence?

To view the history of a page:

  1. Go to the page and choose > Page History.
  2. Choose a version number to view the content of that version.

How do I track changes in Confluence?

To use this:

  1. Navigate to the document in Confluence.
  2. Click the … button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Page History.
  4. Check the version last viewed as well as the newest version.
  5. Click the “Compare selected versions” button.

How do I view Jira cloud logs?

There is no access to the logs on Cloud. If you have the admin audit log enabled, issue deletions are captured in there (they will tell you who, when and what was deleted), but that is your only option on Cloud, You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you’ve already registered, sign in.

How do I view bitbucket logs?

Accessing audit logs

You can find the log file in the <home directory>/log/audit directory. On clustered Bitbucket Data Center deployments, each application node will have its own log in the local <home directory>/log/audit directory.

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What is atlassian perf log?

Summary. Jira writes several sets of performance data every minute to the atlassian-jira-perf. log. This how-to presents a way to manually parse this file into a timeline to get insights from it.