How do I change font size in MS Project?

How do I change font size in MS Project Gantt chart?

To change text font size for Gantt Bar text:

  1. Select Format, Text Styles.
  2. From Item to Change drop down, select Bar Text – Right.
  3. Change the Font style.

How do I change font size in timescale in MS Project?

To change the font of the Timescale, go to the Format menu – Text Styles option. From “Items to change” select “Top Tier, Middle Tier or Bottom Tier”. After that, select the Font, Font Style, Size and Color or color and press “OK” in the dialog.

How do I resize text font?

To make your font size smaller or larger:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Accessibility Text and display.
  3. Tap Font size.
  4. Use the slider to choose your font size.

What is the font size in MS Word?

Upon installation, Microsoft Word uses the Calibri font and 11 point font size by default.

How do I reduce the font size?

To decrease the font size, click the Decrease Font Size command button. Its keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+<. the decrease font size command works in opposite direction of increase command: it reduces text to next-lower value displayed on menu.>What is the default font size in MS Word?

The default setting for a new, blank Microsoft Word document (2007 or newer) is called the Normal Style. This means that when you open a new document, a default font style (Calibri), line spacing (1.15 spaces with an additional 10 points after each line), and font size (11 points) are already in place.

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