How do I clone multiple stories in Jira?

How do I clone issues in bulk?

Bulk Clone Issues

  1. Navigate to the Bulk clone issues page from the Jira Administration menu by selecting Apps→ScriptRunner→Built-in Scripts.
  2. Enter the Subquery (JQL) for the issues you want to clone.
  3. Select the project you want the cloned issues to move to from the Project drop down list.

How do I create a clone story in Jira?

You must have the Create Issues project permission to clone an issue. If you ever need to create a duplicate of an issue, there’s no need to do everything manually.

To clone an issue:

  1. Open an issue.
  2. Select ··· > Clone.
  3. Edit the Summary.
  4. Choose what to Include (if any).
  5. Select Clone.

Can you duplicate projects in Jira?

We’ve just released an update for our Jira cloud app Deep Clone for Jira that enables you to clone entire projects, including project configuration, issues and sub-tasks. To clone a project you simply select “Clone project…” as target project in the bulk clone dialog.

Can you clone a Jira ticket?

Open a JIRA issue that is supposed to be cloned. Select More → Clone when the screen appears. The following screenshot shows how to access the Clone functionality. A user can change the summary while cloning it.

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How do I create a multiple issue in Jira?


  1. Choose to add the Create issue or Create subtask post function as usual.
  2. Configure various options as usual.
  3. Find the Create multiple issues parameter.
  4. Add a comma separated list of entries. Processing will: Look at each entry. If no pattern is provided, the entry will be selected for continued processing.

How do I create a bulk in Jira?

Before you begin: If your Jira installation has existing data, you should back it up.

  1. Select Issues > Import Issues from CSV to open the Bulk Create Setup page. …
  2. On the Setup page, select your CSV Source File. …
  3. Click the Next button to proceed to the Settings step of the CSV file import wizard.

How do you clone a user story?

To clone or copy a user story:

  1. Select the User Story and view the Edit Detail page for the story.
  2. Click on the Actions menu next to the Formatted ID, and click Copy.

How does Jira clone work?

In JIRA, you can clone an issue (task) to create a copy of the useful parts of that issue. When you clone the issue, JIRA creates a new issue with the same summary (title) and description as the one you’ve cloned. … The JIRA documentation lists all the fields that are copied to your new issue.

How do I bulk clone issues in Jira?

Bulk Clone using the Jira issue search.

Filter the issues you want to Bulk Clone by using Jira Issue Search. Click the Bulk Clone button. Configure and create your Bulk Clone.

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What is deep clone in Jira?

Sounds like you have the app Deep clone for Jira. Cloning an issue only copies the issue. Deep cloning an issue copies the issue and all of it’s sub-tasks. … Clone is the built-in default option in Jira to copy an issue.

How do I clone an epic in Jira?

Clone Epic with all its stories and sub-tasks

Clone Epic Template for Jira allows cloning an Epic along with its stories, sub-tasks, and checklists* (Jira cannot deep-clone epics and stories natively). You can set up a ‘template‘ epic which contains a backlog of Tasks/Subtasks in a defined order.