What are agility tunnels made of?

What is pitch in an agility tunnel?

Pitch – this refers to the space between coils of the reinforced wire that creates the tube. Most competition-style agility tunnels use a 4” (10.16 cm) standard pitch. We offer both 4” and 6” pitch, allowing you to work your way up to competition style or use your tunnel for fun with more bends twists!

Do dogs like dog tunnels?

There is just something about the tunnel that makes some dogs giddy with excitement. In fact, some will run in & out faster and faster just for the reason that they can. With all the new tunnel games different venues are adding, it is getting easier to give tunnel sucks a game they go wild for.

How heavy should Tunnel bags be?

We recommend filling the Clip and Go Tunnel Bags with sand or pea stone. Small recloseable plastic bags are included with each tunnel bag for this purpose. You want 30 lbs. of weight in each bag.

How do you make a homemade dog tunnel?

Homemade Collapsed Agility Tunnel

  1. Open up one pop-up laundry hamper. Using the scissors, cut out the bottom circle, ensuring there are no sharp edges. …
  2. Thread the needle with the heavy-duty thread. …
  3. Secure the tunnel to your lawn in the desired position by placing fabric stakes through the hampers and into the ground.
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How do you make a dog obstacle course at home?

You can also create a tunnel obstacle using a large, pop-up hamper with the bottom cut out. If your dog gets claustrophobic by even the shortest of tunnels, try more of a simple hoop like an old tire or hula-hoop to hold upright and try to coax your dog through.