You asked: How do I add a status category in Jira?

How do I change the status category in Jira?

Go to Issues –> Statuses, find the required status and push the edit button.

What is a status category?

Status categories, which are referenced in many field service processes, allow you to use custom status values while maintaining a consistent work classification for tracking, reporting, and business process management.

Can you customize status in Jira?

As a Jira administrator, you can manage or customize default issue statuses, resolutions, and priorities. Statuses represent the position of an issue in its workflow.

How do I create a status report in Jira?

Create a Status Report

  1. Choose Create from template in the Confluence header.
  2. Select Jira report and hit Next.
  3. Select a Status report and hit Next.
  4. Enter the information required for the report and hit Create.

What is Jira status category?

There are 3 status categories in JIRA – ‘To Do’ (blue), ‘In Progress’ (yellow) and ‘Done’ (green). Any new statuses that you create [for use in your workflows] will be mapped to one of these core categories and will take on the same colour. … Yes, you can, it’s all about the workflow.

How do I change status to progress in Jira?

How to update the workflow status in Jira: Build your workflow

  1. Create a global transition to the ‘On Hold’ status.
  2. Create a transition from the ‘On Hold’ status to every other status you want to come back to.
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Is status plural or singular?

The word “status” is a countable noun in most of its meanings and does have a plural form, “statuses”, although this is seldom used. The Oxford English Dictionary documents the use of “statuses” more than once, for example in the following sentence: 1977 R.

How do I add a rag status in Jira?

1 answer

  1. On your board, select the breadcrumbs (…) in the top-right, and choose Board Settings.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Card Layout.
  3. Select your RAG Status field from the drop-down(s), and press Add.

How do I create a time tracking report in Jira?

How to generate a Time Tracking Report in Jira

  1. Go to ‘Reports’, then ‘Forecast & management’ then ‘Time Tracking Report’.
  2. Select the fix version that you want a report on via the dropdown menu.
  3. and select how you want the issues to be sorted. …
  4. You can then select which Issues should be included in the dropdown.